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Jeff Tracy

Jeff Tracy is a fictional character from Gerry and Sylvia Anderson's Supermarionation television show Thunderbirds and the subsequent films Thunderbirds Are GO and Thunderbird 6. The voice for the character in these shows was supplied by Peter Dyneley. The character also appeared in the live action movie Thunderbirds. In the latter he was played by actor Bill Paxton.

The series was first shown in 1965 and was set a hundred years in the then future in 2065, when Jeff was (or will be) 56. According to his backstory "bio", Jeff was born 2 January 2009[3] the son of a combine harvester driver on a Kansas wheat farm.


Military service in the U.S. Air Force achieving rank of colonel

Transfer to Space Agency to become an early lunar astronaut.

Jeff married and became the father of five sons; Scott, John, Virgil,   Gordon and Alan born in rapid succession in the period 2039-2044. The sons   were named after the first 5 American astronauts into space via the Mercury   space project, i.e. Scott Carpenter, Virgil Grissom, Alan Shepard, Gordon   Cooper and John Glenn.

His wife died prematurely, commonly accepted to have been due to complications with the birth on 12 March 2044 of her youngest son, Alan. A non-canonical 1993 comic strip has a different explanation

Jeff raised his five sons, while building up a civil and construction engineering business that made him one of the richest men in the world.

He became a philanthropist and instigated and financed International Rescue

 As the Tracy family patriarch, he spends most of his time on Tracy Island, situated somewhere in the Pacific Ocean, from where he co-ordinates rescue missions.



Scott Tracy

Scott Tracy is a fictional character from Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation television show Thunderbirds and the subsequent films Thunderbirds Are GO and Thunderbird 6. The character also appeared in the live action movie Thunderbirds.

Eldest son of Jeff Tracy (instigator and financier behind International Rescue), Scott is named after astronaut Scott Carpenter. Sources vary in the canon of the Thunderbirds series as to Scott's age and birth date. One written source suggests that Scott was born on 4 April 2039.[1]

Educated at Yale and Oxford Universities, he was decorated for valour during his service with the US Air Force, before taking up his duties with International Rescue as principal pilot of Thunderbird 1. As pilot of the quick response craft he is usually first at the danger zone and is the typical field commander for all rescue operations. He also takes on secondary duties as co-pilot of Thunderbird 3, occasional relief occupant of Thunderbird 5 and heads up the rescue organisation from Tracy Island in the absence of his father.

Of his five brothers, Scott is the one who keeps a cool head, and is quick thinking when situation calls for it, particularly when he's at the receiving end of a gun, or when the security of International Rescue is compromised. As the oldest brother, Scott Tracy has always been more or less had a leadership role, and this task will therefore often be used during a rescue operation.

In the original 1960s television series, Scott was portrayed by Shane Rimmer. In the 2004 film, he was portrayed by Philip Winchester.



John Tracy

John Tracy is a fictional character from Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation television series Thunderbirds and the subsequent films Thunderbirds Are Go and Thunderbird 6. The character also appeared in the live-action film Thunderbirds, in which he was played by Lex Shrapnel.

The second son of Jeff Tracy (founder and financier of International Rescue), John was named after astronaut John Glenn.[1] Sources vary in the canon of the Thunderbirds series as to John's age and birth date, although one written source suggests that he was born on 28 October 2041 - even though this would make him the third son.[2] The DVD special features however reveal his birthday as 8 October 2040, making him older than brother Virgil and indeed the second son.

As an alumnus of Harvard University where he studied electronics and communication, John's quiet intellectual nature and interest in astronomy make him the natural choice for the solitary life as the occupant of space station Thunderbird 5, monitoring for distress calls from around the world. He has only ever been seen physically involved in a rescue during the episode "Danger At Ocean Deep," although dialogue at the end of that episode suggests that he has already been on various (if unseen on-screen) missions.

John Tracy was initially to be one of the main characters in the series, but he became the least favourite character of creator Gerry Anderson and consequently had a much more limited role in the series than originally intended.

Virgil Tracy

Virgil Tracy is a fictional character from Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation television show Thunderbirds and the subsequent films Thunderbirds Are GO and Thunderbird 6. The character also appeared in the live action movie Thunderbirds.

Third son of Jeff Tracy (instigator and financier behind International Rescue), Virgil was named after astronaut Virgil Grissom. Sources vary in the canon of the Thunderbirds series as to Virgil's age and birth date. On the factfile for the DVD compilation Virgil's Birthday is stated as August 15 2041. After studying at Denver School of Advanced Technology, he took up his role in International Rescue as principal pilot of Thunderbird 2. Besides piloting the delivery carrier of the rescue equipment he is usually called upon to operate the equipment and effect a rescue on site.

Virgil is as dedicated to his calling as any of his brothers. For instance, in "Terror in New York City," when Virgil is seriously injured when TB2 is mistakenly attacked by a US warship, his first thoughts upon reawakening are his alarm at the fact that his craft is out of service for repairs when it could be needed at any time. Furthermore, he later has to be ordered back to bed by his father when such an emergency occurs. His off-duty demeanour is much less boisterous than his other brothers, indulging in painting and playing the piano.

Virgil was voiced by American actor David Holliday for the 16 episodes of series 1 (1965) and 10 of the 16 episodes of series 2 (1966); British-Canadian actor Jeremy Wilkin then voicing the remaining 6 episodes, and the two films.


Gordon Tracy

Gordon Tracy is a fictional character from Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation television show Thunderbirds and the subsequent films Thunderbirds Are GO and Thunderbird 6. The character also appeared in the live action movie Thunderbirds.

Fourth son of Jeff Tracy (instigator and financier behind International Rescue), Gordon was named after astronaut Leroy Gordon Cooper jr.. Sources vary in the canon of the Thunderbirds series as to Gordon's age and birth date, but the FAB factfile states his birthday as February 14, 2043, making him 22, a year older than brother Alan. Gordon studied oceanography whilst in the Submarine Service and served in the World Aquanaut Security Patrol (as featured in the preceding TV series Stingray). A high-spirited prankster, often at the expense of his brothers, he also has a healthy respect for the sea and the dangers it poses, having spent a year on the seabed performing scientific research and having also survived a 400 knot hydrofoil crash. Gordon is the pilot of Thunderbird 4, is keen on water-sports and is also a gifted swimmer, cited as being a former Olympic champion in the butterfly stroke. He is also impulsive in his field such as in the episode, "Terror in New York," when TB4 is needed in the city, but the transport plane needed, TB2, is grounded for repairs. Instead, Gordon seriously proposes to pilot his scout craft all the way to the city in a trans-oceanic trip until he is convinced that idea is dangerous and impractical. He is notable as the only member of International Rescue to actually kill someone during the series, a terrorist in "Operation Crashdive" who he shot to death as he attempted to escape. It is, however, not entirely clear if he actually killed the terrorist as he was going to throw himself out at the moment Gordon shot. If he fell on purpose cannot be determined, however, Gordon had already estimated that the altitude was too low for survival, so the terrorist died in the end. Alan Tracy shot and killed three hijackers in the film Thunderbird 6.



Alan Tracy

Alan Tracy is a fictional character from Gerry Anderson's Supermarionation television show Thunderbirds and the subsequent films Thunderbirds Are GO and Thunderbird 6. The character also appeared in the 2004 live action movie Thunderbirds.

The fifth and youngest son of Jeff Tracy (instigator and financier behind International Rescue), he was named after astronaut Alan B. Shepard. Sources vary in the canon of the Thunderbirds series as to Alan's age and birth date; in the Thunderbird fact file, Alan's birthday is March 12, 2044, making him 21 years old. An accomplished sportsman and driver, he can be hot-headed at times. Alan studied at Harvard University, where his natural impetuousness led to a clash with authorities over the launch (and subsequent crash) of an unsanctioned self-built rocket. His father took charge of the situation, steering the interest toward more constructive ends, ultimately leading to Alan's role as astronaut and principal pilot of Thunderbird 3. The episode "Move - And You're Dead" revealed Alan is also a skilled racecar driver but that he gave up that career when he joined International Rescue. He is romantically linked to live-in caretaker Kyrano's daughter, Tin-Tin Kyrano. In Thunderbird 6 he shot three hijackers, joining his brother Gordon Tracy as the sole members of International Rescue to have killed anyone.



Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward

Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward is a fictional character in the hit television series Thunderbirds. In the series, she is the London Agent for the secret organisation International Rescue. The character was created and voiced by Sylvia Anderson in the original series, and portrayed on film by Sophia Myles.

Born on 24 December 2039, Lady Penelope is the twenty-six-year-old daughter of aristocrat Sir Hugh Creighton-Ward and his wife, Amelia. The first years of Lady Penelope’s life were spent at Creighton-Ward Mansion; thereafter her father was requested by the government to go to India to organise a tea-growing community. However, Lady Penelope didn’t agree with the Indian climate and returned without her parents to England, where she was put into the care of a governess, Miss Pemberton, to whom she quickly bonded. At the age of eleven Lady Penelope was sent to Roedean, an exclusive girls' boarding school where she excelled in many subjects and became very popular among her peers; she was later elected head girl. Upon leaving Roedean, Lady Penelope went to a finishing school in Switzerland where she became a skilled skiier and linguist, being able to speak French, German and Italian as well as a native.

On the outside Lady Penelope is just another member of the British high society and also a fashion icon. But, after completing her education in Buckinghamshire she rejected the aristocracy's endless round of social engagements and became a secret agent. It was while working as the chief operative of the Federal Agents Bureau that Lady Penelope first met Jeff Tracy, the founder of International Rescue, and she immediately accepted his invitation to become their London Agent.

Lady Penelope is stylish and fashionable in almost every aspect of her life. Lady Penelope is a world renowned supermodel and celebrity and has appeared on the cover of Chic magazine. Her clothes are specially created for her by top fashion designers like Elaine Wickfern and François Lemaire, who named a revolutionary new fabric "Penelon" after her. She wears an exclusive perfume called "Soupçon de Péril", mixed for her by Jacques Verre. Whenever Lady Penelope is in Paris she always drinks Pernod. Lady Penelope takes tea almost religiously and can communicate with International Rescue via her Regency tea pot.

Lady Penelope owns an iconic six-wheeled Rolls-Royce called FAB1 painted in her trademark tone of pink. FAB 1 has lots of features to assist Lady Penelope's work such as machine guns in the grill, bulletproof glass, water skis for travel on water and radar-assisted steering. FAB 1 is mostly driven by Parker. Lady Penelope also owns FAB 2, a sleek private yacht; FAB 3, a prize winning racehorse; and Seabird, a 40-foot (12 m) ocean-going cruiser. There have been several Seabirds as they are frequently destroyed in use.

The eighteenth-century stately home at Foxleyheath in Gloucestershire, England is the seat of the Creighton-Ward dynasty. The first Creighton-Ward Mansion was built on the site of a Norman Castle by the first Lord Creighton-Ward after he was knighted by Elizabeth I, who was a regular visitor. The current Creighton-Ward Mansion was built by Lord Cuthbert Creighton-Ward in 1730 after he burned down the previous house during a gunpowder experiment. Lord Cuthbert asked architect Colen Campbell to design the iconic Palladian edifice, which has been designated a Grade One listed building by the World Heritage Organization. When Lady Penelope became a secret agent she renovated the historic building to better suit her secret lifestyle by installing a satellite antenna, a number of two-way video communication consoles for contacting International Rescue and a safe with state-of-the-art alarm system and CCTV. There is a forensic laboratory where the old servants' quarters were. Also there is an underground river with a boat beneath the estate, and if Lady Penelope thinks that the house is under surveillance or she is in danger, she can meet Parker at a nearby village without anyone knowing.

In addition Lady Penelope owns Bonga Bonga, a sheep station in the Australian outback with 200,007 sheep. The station was acquired by Bertie ‘Buster’ Creighton-Ward. The open plan lounge with its modern fabrics and simple geometric designs is in sharp contrast to the rich detail of Creighton-Ward Mansion.

Aloysius "Nosey" Parker is Lady Penelope's butler and chauffeur. Born on 30 May 2003, Parker is the last of a long line of Cockney retainers who have served the British aristocracy for centuries. However, finding it difficult to get a stable job, Parker soon fell in with various villains of the London underworld. Parker quickly gained a reputation as the world's best safe-cracker and cat-burglar, which led to his serving a sentence in Parkmoor Scrubs Prison. After his release, he soon fell back into criminal activity,and was recruited by Lady Penelope when she caught him breaking into the safe of an oil tycoon. Lady Penelope heard of Parker’s talents and offered him a partnership in her espionage activities. He is a loyal and indispensable assistant to Lady Penelope and International Rescue.

Lilian, or Lil as she is known by Parker, is Lady Penelope’s cook. Lilian has a large repertoire of food that she prepares for Lady Penelope, much to the disgust of Parker.

Perce is the gardener for the 2,000-acre (8.1 km2) Creighton-Ward estate and friend of Parker.

Penelon is the fictional fabric featured in the Thunderbirds universe. Penelon was discovered by the noted fashion designer François Lemaire, who named it after his favourite model, Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward.

The fabric itself has extraordinary properties: Penelon can be made into any costume design, it never gets crushed, it can squeeze into a space the size of a match box and it can be fashioned to look like any other material.

The fabric was keenly sought after by François Lemaire's rivals, who bugged and kept his office under surveillance; hence it was top secret. After this was discovered by Lady Penelope she suggested holding the premiere of the new collection made entirely of Penelon on board the new aircraft Skythrust designed by the International Rescue scientific genius Brains.




Aloysius Parker

Aloysius "Nosey" Parker is a fictional character in the television series Thunderbirds, the feature films Thunderbirds Are GO and Thunderbird 6 and the 2004 live action film Thunderbirds.

The puppet was voiced by David Graham in the television series and the first two feature films, whilst Ron Cook took the role for the live action film.

Parker is employed by Lady Penelope Creighton-Ward as her butler in Creighton-Ward Mansion and as her chauffeur driving a modified pink Rolls-Royce registration number FAB1. Both Lady Penelope and Parker are International Rescue agents.

He is a reformed criminal, having spent time in prison for being a cat burglar and safecracker. His criminal activities coupled with his prominent facial features earned him the nickname "Nosey" (this may also be a reference to his nosiness—he eavesdrops on his employer's conversations in "Vault of Death" and Thunderbird 6). He was rescued from a life of crime by Lady Penelope who employed him to aid her in her espionage activities. Parker's underworld contacts frequently come in useful during the pair's missions such as in "The Cham Cham" when he blackmailed a talent agent to get Lady Penelope booked for a nightclub appearance for an investigation. Parker is from London and speaks with a strong cockney accent, although he feebly attempts to speak with Received Pronunciation, notably for his catchphrase "Yus, M'Lady".

Virgin Trains' Thunderbird locomotive 57311 is named Parker.

When appearing as a guest on BBC 6 Music on 18 December 2007, Sylvia Anderson cast doubt that the character's name was ever "Aloysius". She said he was "only ever 'Nosey' Parker".




Brains is a fictional character in the 1960s British Supermarionation television series Thunderbirds, its sequel films Thunderbirds Are Go (1966) and Thunderbird 6 (1968), and the 2004 live-action remake film Thunderbirds. Brains was born 14 November 2040 and was orphaned when a hurricane struck his family's home in Michigan, United States. He was later adopted by a professor at the University of Cambridge. Jeff Tracy discovered Brains while he was giving a lecture in Paris. The puppet was voiced by David Graham in the television series and the first two films, while Anthony Edwards assumed the role for the live-action film.

Brains is a scientific genius, employed by International Rescue as their engineer. Characterised as a classic nerd, he speaks formally (albeit with a stutter), wears oversized, horn-rimmed, blue spectacles. A highly-valued if somewhat socially maladroit member of the team, he designed the Thunderbird machines and other vehicles and facilities used by International Rescue and its agents – indeed, much of its hardware and infrastructure. He also constructs a chess-playing robot called Braman (which fortuitously served as a spare computer in the episode "Sun Probe"). Brains's technical expertise is occasionally required in the field, in which case he usually accompanies the more glamorous Tracy brothers on their missions in Thunderbird 2.

Brains has occasionally designed vehicles for organisations other than International Rescue. These include Skythrust (in the episode "Alias Mr. Hackenbacker") and Skyship One (in the film Thunderbird 6). These commissions are built under strict security to maintain the secrecy of International Rescue.

Aptly nicknamed "Brains" by the other members of International Rescue, his real name is never revealed in the series. While working on external projects, Brains adopts an alias to protect his identity. For example, he uses the alias "Hiram K. Hackenbacker" while working on the Skythrust project, and the board that commissions Skyship One knows him only as "Mr X". In the 2004 film, his real name is Ray Hackenbacker.




Kyrano is a fictional character from the television series Thunderbirds and the 2004 feature film based on it.

Kyrano is the father of Tin-Tin, and he is also the half brother of The Hood and acts as a manservant in the Tracy household, sharing domestic duties with Grandma Tracy. Kyrano is renowned for serving tea and coffee within the house and is upset when Parker tries to take this duty from him ("The Mighty Atom").

Kyrano is an old friend of Jeff Tracy and has lived all over the world, pursuing careers as a chef in Paris, gardener in England, and producing synthetic foods from plants for astronauts.

Kyrano was heir to a rubber plantation fortune in Malaysia, but was cheated out of it by The Hood. Following this, Kyrano decided to withdraw from the world of material gain and spend the rest of his life meditating. When Jeff offered him a role at the Tracy house for himself and Tin-Tin upon International Rescue's foundation, Kyrano accepted.

Kyrano's half brother, The Hood, has hypnotic power over Kyrano, which he sometimes uses to extract information on International Rescue and its secrets. Kyrano never mentions this to anyone, and it can be presumed that Kyrano never remembers these events, as he would inform Jeff of them, such is his loyalty to him.

A widower, Kyrano's full name is never revealed in the series and he seems happy to be referred to by his surname. In the 2004 feature film, Kyrano gained a wife, Onaha, who appears to take the role of Grandma from the original series. In the film, Kyrano appears to be his given name rather than surname and he and his family are Malaysian Indian Muslims (Mamak).

Kyrano appears in neither of the puppet animated films.



Tin-Tin Kyrano

Tin-Tin Kyrano is a character in the mid-1960s British television show Thunderbirds. In the original TV series and its original movie adaptations, Tin-Tin, like the other characters, is portrayed using a marionette, and Christine Finn provided her voice.

Tin-Tin is the daughter of Kyrano, an old friend of Jeff Tracy and joins the International Rescue team shortly after they begin operating. Ironically, Tin-Tin becomes involved in their first rescue mission when she is onboard Fireflash which due to sabotage by her half uncle The Hood has to be rescued by International Rescue.

Tin-Tin has a variety of roles on Tracy Island from playing secretary to Jeff ("Terror In New York City"), laboratory and engineering assistant to Brains ("City Of Fire", "Danger At Ocean Deep") and sometimes accompanies International Rescue on their missions, most notably the rescue of the Sun probe spaceship ("Sun Probe"). She is also known to accompany Lady Penelope on espionage missions ("The Cham Cham").

Broadcasts of fictional programs in Japan typically include subtitles introducing the names of characters when they first appear on screen. The actor's names are listed underneath, when live characters are involved. Tin-Tin, however, is introduced as Min-Min. This is because the consonant 't' in Japanese is pronounced 'ch', and chin-chin is a Japanese colloquialism for the male phallus, which is a wholly inappropriate name for a teenage girl.

Tin-Tin is romantically involved with Alan Tracy, though her feelings for Alan were clouded when an old flame Eddie Houseman came to visit ("End Of The Road").

In the 2004 live action film Thunderbirds which was loosely based on the TV series, she is played by Vanessa Hudgens, although the character of Tin-Tin is much younger and is no longer Malaysian but depicted as being from India. In the film, she also has a mother, Onaha. Also she is shown to have the same kind of powers as her uncle, the Hood. She also (later in the film) is shown to suffer the same weakening side-effect.



Grandma Tracy

Grandma Tracy is a fictional character in the television series Thunderbirds.

The puppet was voiced by Christine Finn.

Little is known about Grandma Tracy's past, and her real name is never mentioned on screen with all the characters, even sometimes her son Jeff calling her "Grandma". As a young girl, her grandmother took her round London and she travelled on the London Underground, a fact that would prove useful later for International rescue ("Vault Of Death"). She was married to a Kansas wheat farmer but became widowed some time before International Rescue begun and helped Jeff bring up his five sons after the untimely death of his wife. During International Rescue's early days she lived alone, near San Miguel, Colorado,[2] however she began miss feeling useful so decided to move to Tracy Island.

Shortly after winning the Parola Sands Race, her Grandson Alan Tracy picks her up so she can move to Tracy Island. Unfortunately, a racing competitor of Alan's takes revenge and Grandma finds herself having to sit still on a bridge spanning the San Miguel River with Alan due to a bomb that has been placed under the bridge to exact revenge. If either of them moved, the bomb would detonate. She and Alan are rescued by her grandsons, allowing Grandma to see first hand the work that her family did, and she moved into the Tracy home ("Move And You're Dead").

As the family matriarch, Grandma keeps her family together, offering wisdom and advice for her family and the others in the household such as Tin-Tin. It is Grandma who is instrumental in keeping Alan and Tin-Tin together when one of Tin-Tin's old flames pays a visit ("End Of The Road"). Together with Kyrano and sometimes Tin-Tin, Grandma takes care of the domestic chores in the Tracy house, though she can sometimes be confused by all the technological gadgetry, getting tracking bugs mixed into her apple pie at one point ("Day Of Disaster"), though she is able to work a nuclear oven ("Give Or Take A Million").

Although not an active part of International Rescue, Grandma still plays a role when need be. She has been known to help her grandsons put together what equipment they need ("Sun Probe") and it is her who comes up with a solution for a rescue mission in the Bank of England when everyone else is stuck ("Vault Of Death"). She also attends filming of the Ned Cook Show episode in which he thanks International Rescue for saving him ("Terror In New York City"). Throughout her years, Grandma has never visited a stately home but hopes to do so, especially after meeting Lady Penelope.

Grandma's chronology is somewhat confusing in the series, in that she does not move to Tracy Island until "Move And You're Dead" (production episode #9), despite being mentioned in "Sun probe" (production episode #4) and featuring in production episodes #5,#6,#7 and #8. In original broadcast order, Grandma appears in even more episodes before the story of "Move And You're Dead" is aired.

Grandma featured briefly in the animation film, Thunderbird 6 but not the 2004 live action Thunderbirds film, instead being replaced by a character called Onaha, who was Kyrano's wife.