Tomorrow Never Dies (1997)

Produced by Michael G Wilson & Barbara Broccoli

Directed by Roger Spottiswoode

Screenplay by Bruce Feirstein

James Bond played by Pierce Brosnan


THE VILLAIN:    Elliot Carver (Jonathan Pryce) - Hong Kong-born megalomaniacal head of the Carver Media Group, owner of satellites that are used to launch his worldwide television news network.


SUB-VILLAINS:    Stamper (Gotz Otto) - protégé of Dr Kaufman, enforcer working for Carver.

                                Henry Gupta (Ricky Jay) - technical genius behind Carver's ability to manipulate the GPS system.

                                Dr Kaufman (Vincent Schiavelli) - German professor of forensic medicine sent to kill Bond and Paris Carver.

                                General Chang (Philip Kwok) - Chinese Army general working in league with Carver to launch hostilities between UK and China.


VILLAIN'S PLOT:    Carver, working with General Chang, plans to instigate World War III between UK and China, and thus propel General Chang to power and extend the broadcast arm of Carver's media empire into China.


BOND WOMEN:    Professor Inga Bergstrom (Cecile Thomsen) - Professor of Danish at Oxford.

                                Paris Carver (Teri Hatcher) - former lover of Bond's, now married to Elliot Carver.

                                Wai Lin (Michelle Yeoh) - agent of China's People 's External Security Force.


BONDS ALLIES:    Admiral Roebuck (Geoffrey Palmer) - hawkish, rash Royal Navy official who objects to M and Bond's more cautious methods.

                                Jack Wade (Joe Don Baker) - earthy CIA aly of Bond's.

                                Dr Dave Greenwalt (Colin Stinton) - USAF expert on Global Positioning System.


THE BOND TEAM:    M (Judi Dench) - new head of MI6, steel-nerved bureaucrat known to some as 'the evil queen of numbers', who does not like Bond's methods, but realises his necessity.

                                    Miss Moneypenny (Samantha Bond) - M's assistant, who enjoys a flirtatious relationship with 007.

                                    Q (Desmond Llewelyn) - the creator of Bond's lethal gadgets, aka Major Boothroyd.

                                    Charles Robinson (Colin Salmon) - Senior Analyst for field operations at MI6.


BOND'S GADGETS:    Video camera uplink; cigarette lighter grenade; Ericsson cell phone with universal lock-pick in antenna, fingerprint scanner, 20,000 volt electric shock security system, also remotely starts and controls 007's BMW 750 iL with machine guns (unused), roof-firing rockets, GPS tracking system, fingerprint identifier glove box, electrified door handles, bulletproof glass windows and windscreens, armoured body panels, tear gas sprayers, rear nail ejectors, re-inflating tyres, cable-cutting circular saw beneath hood badge; wristwatch detonator. 


LOCATIONS:    The Khyber Pass; London; Oxford; Hamburg, Germany; Okinawa; Vietnam; Halong Bay; South China Sea.