The Man With the Golden Gun (1974)

Produced by Albert R Broccoli & Harry Saltzman

Directed by Guy Hamilton

Screenplay by Richard Maibaum & Tom Mankiewicz

James Bond played by Roger Moore


THE VILLAIN:    Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) - the world's most expensive hitman.


SUB-VILLAINS:    Nick Nack (Herve Villechaize) - midget personal assistant to Scaramanga.

                                Lazar (Marne Maitland) - Portuguese gunsmith based out of Macau, provides golden bullets to Scaramanga.

                                Hai Fat (Richard Loo) - Thai industrialist working with Scaramanga to harness the secret to solar power.

                                Chula (Chan Yiu Lam) - martial arts expert who faces off against Bond.


VILLAIN'S PLOT:    Scaramanga has stolen a Solex Agitator, which harnesses solar power, and used it to create a prototype solar energy plant, of which he is going to offer the plans to the highest bidder, giving them a monopoly on solar power.


BOND WOMEN:    Saida (Carmen du Satoy) - Beirut belly-dancer who has one of Scaramanga's golden bullets.

                                Andrea Anders (Maud Adams) - Scaramanga's kept woman, who solicits Bond to kill her lover.

                                Mary Goodnight (Britt Ekland) - British Secret Service agent in Hong Kong.


BONDS ALLIES:    Colethorpe (James Cossins) - ballistics expert working with Q.

                                Lt Hip (Soon-Taik Oh) - British Secret Service agent in Hong Kong.

                                Bill Tanner (Michael Goodliffe - uncredited) - Chief of Staff, first appearance in a Bond film.

                                Sheriff J W Pepper (Clifton James) - Southern redneck from Live and Let Die, thrown together with Bond.


THE BOND TEAM:    M (Bernard Lee) - head of the British Secret Service, an authoritative father figure who sends Bond on his missions.

                                    Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) - M's secretary who, for many years, enjoys a flirtatious relationship with 007.

                                    Q (Desmond Llewelyn) - the creator of Bond's lethal gadgets, aka Major Boothroyd.


BOND'S GADGETS:    Homing device disguised as clothing button; fake superfluous nipple.


LOCATIONS:    London; Beirut; Macau; Hong Kong; Thailand; Scaramanga's Island.