Spectre (2015)


Produced by Michael G Wilson & Barbara Broccoli

Directed by Sam Mendes

Screenplay by Neal Purvis, Robert Wade, John Logan and Jez Butterworth

James Bond played by Daniel Craig


THE VILLAIN:    Franz Oberhauser / Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Christoph Waltz) -

                            Max Denbigh (Andrew Scott) - the new head of the Centre of National Security.





THE BOND TEAM:    M (Ralph Fiennes) - new head of MI6.

                                     Eve Moneypenny (Naomie Harris) - M's assistant.

                                      Q (Ben Wishaw) - the creator of Bond's lethal gadgets, aka Major Boothroyd.

                                      Bill Tanner (Rory Kinnear) - a senior analyst working for internal operations at MI6.


BOND'S GADGETS:    Walther PPKer radio


LOCATIONS:    Mexico, Morocco, Italy, Austria, London