On Her Majesty's Secret Service (1969)

Produced by Albert R Broccoli & Harry Saltzman

Directed by Peter Hunt

Screenplay by Richard Maibaum, additional dialogue by Simon Raven

James Bond played by George Lazenby


THE VILLAIN:    Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Telly Savalas) - head of SPECTRE.


SUB-VILLAINS:    Irma Bunt (Ilse Steppat) - companion/Personal Secretary of Blofeld.

                                Grunther (Yuri Borienko) - thug working for Blofeld.


VILLAIN'S PLOT:    Blofeld has brainwashed young women to release germ warfare agents unless his demands, including total amnesty for all past crimes, are met.


BOND WOMEN:    Contessa Teresa di Vicenzo (Diana Rigg) - known as Tracy, tragically beautiful, widowed, suicidal daughter of Marc Ange Draco.

                                Ruby Bartlett (Angela Scoular) - English farm girl being treated by Blofeld for allergies to chickens.

                                Nancy (Catherine Von Schell) - Italian girl being treated by Blofeld for allergies to potatoes.


BONDS ALLIES:    Marc Ange Draco (Gabriele Ferzatti) - head of the Union Corse, one of the largest European crime syndicates, father of Tracy.

                                Sir Hilary Bray, Baronet (George Baker) - Sable Basilisk of the Royal College of Arms, allows Bond to adopt his identity in approaching Blofeld.

                                Campbell (Bernard Horsfall) - Secret Service agent in Switzerland.


THE BOND TEAM:    M (Bernard Lee) - head of the British Secret Service, an authoritative father figure who sends Bond on his missions.

                                    Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) - M's secretary who, for many years, enjoys a flirtatious relationship with 007.

                                    Q (Desmond Llewelyn) - the creator of Bond's lethal gadgets, aka Major Boothroyd.


BOND'S GADGETS:    A combination safe-cracker and photocopying machine; miniature camera.


LOCATIONS:    London; Portugal; Geneva and Bern, Switzerland; Swiss Alps.