Live And Let Die (1973)

Produced by Albert R Broccoli & Harry Saltzman

Directed by Guy Hamilton

Screenplay by Tom Mankiewicz

James Bond played by Roger Moore


THE VILLAIN:    Dr Kananga/Mr Big (Yaphet Kotto) - Caribbean island dictator, who also acts as an underworld boss and heroin distributor in the US.


SUB-VILLAINS:    Baron Samedi (Geoffrey Holder) - ruler of the Kingdom of the Dead in the voodoo religion, the man who cannot die; a mythical spirit working with Kananga or a mere mortal?

                                Tee Hee (Julius Harris) - grinning killer who lost an arm to a crocodile and now sports a lethal prosthetic pincer in it's place.

                                Whisper (Earl Jolly Brown) - fat, soft-voiced henchman working for Kananga.

                                Adam (Tommy Lane) - thug working for Mr Big.

                                Cab driver 1 (Arnold Williams)  -comedic henchman/taxi driver working for Kananga.


VILLAIN'S PLOT:    Mr Big uses Fillet of Soul restaurants and voodoo shops as fronts for distributing two tons of free heroin, thus doubling the number of addicts in the US while forcing all the competitors out of business.


BOND WOMEN:    Miss Caruso (Madeline Smith) - Italian agent in Bond's home when M and Moneypenny arrive.

                                Rosie Carver (Gloria Hendry) - a CIA agent under the control of Kananga.

                                Solitaire (Jane Seymour) - Kananga's virgin voodoo priestess who has the power to see the long as she remains chaste.


BONDS ALLIES:    Felix Leiter (David Hedison) - Bond's CIA ally.

                                Quarrel Jr (Roy Stewart) - son of Quarrel (see Doctor No), fisherman/agent on the island of San Monique


OTHER:        Sheriff J W Pepper (Clifton James) - Southern redneck whose world is destroyed by James Bond.


THE BOND TEAM:    M (Bernard Lee) - head of the British Secret Service, an authoritative father figure who sends Bond on his missions.

                                    Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) - M's secretary who, for many years, enjoys a flirtatious relationship with 007.


BOND'S GADGETS:    Magnetic watch with facing that acts as a circular saw; radio receiver disguised as automobile cigarette lighter; bug detector in toilet kit; signalling device in hairbrush; hang glider; shark gun and high-pressure capsules.


LOCATIONS:    London; New York; New Orleans; San Monique.