From Russia With Love (1963)

Produced by Albert R Broccoli & Harry Saltzman

Directed by Terrence Young

Screenplay by Richard Maibaum & Johanna Harwood

James Bond played by Sean Connery


THE VILLAIN:    Ernst Stavro Blofeld (Anthony Dawson, voice of Eric Pohlmann) - head of SPECTRE.

                            Rosa Klebb (Lotte Lenya) - former KGB Colonel now working SPECTRE as Number Three, Director of Operations.

                            Donald 'Red' Grant (Robert Shaw) - homicidal paranoiac, convicted murderer who escaped from Dartmoor prison, recruited by SPECTRE as a professional killer.


SUB-VILLAINS:    Kronsteen (Vladek Sheybal) - Chessmaster, Director of Planning for SPECTRE, aka Number Five.

                                Morzeny (Walter Gotell) - SPECTRE agent in charge of SPECTRE Island, later kills Kronsteen and sent personally to stop James Bond.

                                Krilencu (Fred Haggerty) - Bulgarian killer working for the Soviets.


VILLAIN'S PLOT:    Using a Lektor decoding machine and a beautiful Russian cipher clerk as bait, SPECTRE hopes to lure 007 to his death.


BOND WOMEN:    Tatiana Romanova (Daniela Bianchi) - Corporal of State Security at the Soviet Embassy in Istanbul, she is lured into SPECTRE's operation against Bond believing Klebb still works for the KGB.

                                Sylvia Trench (Eunice Gayson) - back from Doctor No; Bond's date for a picnic.


BONDS ALLIES:    Kerim Bey (Pedro Armendariz) - head of Station T Turkey. former circus performer, an expansive, resourceful Southern European agent working for the British.


THE BOND TEAM:    M (Bernard Lee) - head of the British Secret Service, an authoritative father figure who sends Bond on his missions.

                                    Miss Moneypenny (Lois Maxwell) - M's secretary who, for many years, enjoys a flirtatious relationship with 007.

                                    Q (Desmond Llewelyn) - the creator of Bond's lethal gadgets, aka Major Boothroyd.


BOND'S GADGETS:    Bond's briefcase, which holds an AR-7 folding sniper's rifle, 40 rounds of ammunition, an exploding tear gas cartridge disguised as a tin of talc, trigger mechanism for tear gas in trick latches,                              50 gold sovereigns and a throwing knife; Bond also uses a pager, a radio car phone, a telephone bug detector, and a Rolleiflex camera with a concealed tape recorder.


LOCATIONS:    SPECTRE Island; Venice; London; Istanbul; Eastern Europe aboard the Orient Express through Yugoslavia with stops in Belgrade and Zagreb; the Aegean Sea.